Patriot's Mosaic Project
Honor the veterans in your life, and help create a unique artistic tribute to the brave men and women who have served our nation.

The EarlyWorks Family of Museums is proud to announce the creation of the 2014 Patriot’s Mosaic to be dedicated on Veteran’s Day 2014. When complete, the Patriot’s Mosaic will include 1296 individual images of veterans combined to create one 15-foot by 15-foot patriotic photo mosaic. The 2014 mosaic will be the second in a series of ten mosaics that will be created over the next 9 years. The first Patriot’s Mosaic was dedicated in 2013 and is on display at the Historic Huntsville Depot.

The images included in the 2013 Mosaic are a cross section of our country’s military history and represent all branches of service and each war and conflict the USA has been a part of since the Civil War. More important than the branch of service or the time each served are the stories of each of these veterans. These are the faces of freedom….Americans who sacrificed all that was asked by their country in the building of this great nation. The men and women who stand at the ready to defend liberty around the world.

You are encouraged to include your veteran in this unique tribute. Upload your photo online (a donation of $25 per image is required) or bring a hardcopy of your photo to any of the following locations during regular business hours and have your image scanned: the EarlyWorks Children’s Museum, the Historic Huntsville Depot, or Southerland’s Photo on Whistesburg Drive. Be sure to pre-order a poster of the 2014 Patriot’s Mosaic--posters will be available at the dedication on Veteran’s Day (at the Depot) or add postage and have yours mailed to any address.

The Patriot’s Mosaic is being produced in part through a partnership with the Madison County Commission.

The Patriot’s
Pathway Initiative

The goal of this initiative is to create and maintain an esthetically pleasing and educational public access walkway between the grounds of the Historic Huntsville Depot and the Madison County Veteran’s Memorial.

On Veteran’s Day 2013 the Historic Huntsville Depot dedicated the Gothic Guild Patriot’s Gateway. The gateway officially connects the grounds of the Historic Huntsville Depot to the Madison County Veteran’s Memorial Park. Now visitors can walk from the Depot to the Veteran’s Memorial and learn from the seven educational kiosks that make up the Patriot’s Pathway.

The Patriot’s Mosaic Project is a primary element of the Pathway Initiative, and will help ensure an aesthetically pleasing transition for all those choosing to access the Veteran’s Memorial via the Pathway.

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